Glen Etive, Western Highlands, Scotland.

Glen Etive, Western Highlands, Scotland.


Why Etive Adventures

Perhaps the question should be, "Why Adventure?”

It's a question often pondered by Etive's Team leader and founder, John Colver. In three 

decades of outdoor leadership, training and writing... he's not much nearer the answer than 

he was at the start, but there's been time to think, with over a hundred expeditions guided 

on Mount Rainier, multiple trips to The Alaska Range, The Andes, Alps, and East Africa. There 

have been countless bikes and runs and races, even a book-tour by bike! A solo 4000 mile jaunt 

from Seattle to Virginia Beach on his bike to promote 'Fit By Nature' -- his successful book 

about how to get in shape for outdoor adventures.


Ask him "why adventure?" today and the answer will likely be, "Get your boots on and let's 

go!” Adventure is so different for everyone: transformational, enriching, life-affirming, 

healing, growth experience and many more words have been used by writers as diverse as 

John Muir, Thoreau and by countless great leaders and thinkers to describe the unique 

experiences inherent to the word “adventure.”


"Why Etive?” is a much easier question to answer. We wanted to create a service that 

focuses on all aspects of the adventure, starting with preparation. So many times people fall 

short of their expectations because of a simple lack of fitness. Understandable. It’s difficult 

to know what 18,000 feet feels like, or how to prevent a blister when already on the trail, or 

whether a 0 degree sleeping bag or a 20 degree one is better. So we start with the end in 

mind and each guest gets a personalized training plan and personal guidance on gear, 

equipment and clothing. We go on our trips as prepared as any team could be which results 

in more fun, more confidence and more enjoyment.


Trips are selected with simple but exacting principles; beauty, challenge, safety, 

environmental considerations (Leave No Trace principles), cultural connections, 

relationships with local providers to ensure best practices for guides and porters. We share 

our own gifts too, whether it be sponsoring a local school (or orphanage) or providing a 

scholarship to someone who can't afford to travel. Lastly, the trips and programs are 

designed to be exquisite. Why go halfway around the world and not pay attention to the 

plethora of little details that can turn a good trip into a remarkable and unforgettable one? 

That is the expectation we set for ourselves, our staff and our guides... that nothing is too 

much to ask and that we always strive to lead with empathy, consideration and a focus 

on 'going the extra mile.’


About the name 'Etive'. It's the name of the Valley, (in Scotland they are called Glens) in 

the picture above. Glen Etive is considered one of the most beautiful glens in Scotland. 

It’s also an adventure playground with rock climbing and hiking in summer, ice climbing in 

winter. It's where Etive Adventures’ founder, John, cut his teeth and figured out what the 

business-end of an ice axe was best used for. A place full of adventure, beauty, history and 

mystery - it seemed the perfect fit for everything Team Etive stands for. Should you come 

on our Scotland trip, we'll spend some time hiking along the shores of the lake and over the 

mountains beyond.


Beauty. History. Challenge. Mystery...Etive Adventures. Join us.