What we do

Bridging the gap between from dream to adventure


Adventx was created in 2003 to provide resources, training, education, preparation and support for ordinary people doing extraordinary adventures. Based in the Pacific Northwest, programs ranged from customized fitness and conditioning programs for mountain adventures, outdoor fitness retreats, backpacking trips and summit climbs of local and international peaks to collaborations with leading health clubs, guide companies and nonprofit organizations.

In 2007 our outdoor fitness program was named Best Outdoor Fitness Program by Seattle Magazine. 

Working with Mountaineers Books, we detailed our training methods and coaching program in Fit By Nature, published in 2011. 

A national book tour in 2011 led to opportunities to coach groups and individuals around the United States, as well as consult with leading companies on development of corporate wellness and health programs. 

In 2013 we recognized the opportunity to blend goal setting, team building, training, education and adventure travel into programs where groups and individuals train together towards a common adventure goal. In doing so, we created opportunities to serve communities in the places we travel to for adventures. This blend of coaching, training, travel, adventure, team building, social connection and charitable contribution has proven to be an enriching experience for staff, guests and partners alike.

Current projects include training teams for Kilimanjaro and Scotland adventures in 2015, as well as putting the final touches on a new publication called “Fit To Climb,” which uses the training strategies of “Fit By Nature” to offer an in-depth training and conditioning program for people preparing for mountain climbing adventures around the world. 

Our philosophy is that adventure is not frivolity, but rather an integral and essential part of a healthy life and productive teams. Even within a team or community, everyone’s adventure is personal. Whether it’s a hiking, cycling or kayak trip, a lifelong dream to complete a marathon, the summit of a mountain, or a simple desire to walk out of a doctor’s office with a clean bill of health, we hope that you’ll enjoy our approach and consider joining us at a talk or event, or on an adventure.

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