Team Building


Team-building lessons, while a positive goal, often fall short of their desired result. A mere desire to work together is not enough to glue the team together when things get tough. True teamwork occurs when the objective can ONLY be reached by everyone working together.

For this reason, outdoor experiences like hiking or mountain climbing are a remarkable catalyst to bond a group of people into a strong team.

Components of team building programs:

  • Team members learn to trust others as well as their own abilities.
  • The outdoor environment is an equalizer. Titles, tenure, and positions don't matter out there. Everyone has a chance to shine.
  • Caring about each other is a priority. In very real terms, we need to look out for each other. Practicality trumps personality issues and creates respect.
  • People are free to find their role in the team, leaders take turns leading, and people with organization, communication, analytical and problem solving skills have a chance to contribute and take credit for those contributions.
  • The outdoor environment is healthy. From fresh air to exercise to stress relief, all team members will feel healthier as a result of these programs.
  • Emotional safety. With our Challenge by Choice approach, no one is asked to do anything they don't want to do or don't feel they can. This creates confidence that allows people to explore their own limits in a very safe and supportive environment.
  • The experience pays forward. A team which has successfully dealt with challenges in the outdoor environment now has another model for future challenges. The success out there breeds success in your organization.

If you are looking to see how a team building expedition can benefit your team, we start with a short brainstorming session and can offer ideas and recommendations. Programs can be as short as a half day locally, a regular weekly or monthly program, or even a company expedition to climb a mountain. There's something for any team. Programs are not restricted by physical abilitywe will work with your human resources and wellness teams to create a perfect match for your team and existing organizational initiatives.