The six peak approach is an integral development model designed to provide a solid foundation of ground-up fitness for people who are experiencing (or have recently experienced) homelessness and poverty. The six areas represent a balanced and progressive approach to regaining physical health while offering a change of perspective and an introduction to new environments - all while supported by a positive community.

Every participant begins at the place where they are, so the training incorporates a challenge-by-choice approach to foster confidence and emotional security.  

Weekly training options consist of:

  • Outdoor fitness session
  • Twice weekly movement classes
  • Daily meditation group
  • Downtown running/walking sessions 

The Six Peaks are:

  1. Physical: Healthy activities like walking, running, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, mobility, flexibility and strength training. 
  2. Psychological: Change of environment and perspective. Developing goals, creating a future vision and making plans
  3. Social: Training together builds a sense of self-esteem and trust among the team.  
  4. Spiritual: Developing a sense of connection with nature along with activities like yoga and meditation.
  5. Connection: This human need is in short supply for many people who have experienced homelessness and poverty. 
  6. Contribution: Inspiring and leading others to positive change

Six Adventures: 

To provide focus and motivation the Six Peaks Training will also include six adventures during the year: 

  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking 
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Seattle Half Marathon & 10K
  • Ocean hike and camping Olympic National park
  • TDB