Starting in 2014 we have created a scholarship fund to enable us to invite guests on our trips who can greatly benefit from the experience but currently lack the funding. 

We currently are supporting two projects. 

Msamaria Center For Street Children, Moshi Tanzania. 

DESC Downtown Emergency Service Center, Seattle Washington.


In January 2015, two teenagers from Msamaria Center for Street Children will join us on our 2015 Kilimanjaro Expedition. The staff at Msamaria are currently running a competitive selection process to decide who will represent the center. The criteria for selection includes; physical ability, photography skills, historical knowledge, communication skills and leadership.

The expenses of scholarship recipients and met in full and they receive equipment and training.    


Working with Staff at DESC John Colver has been one of the leaders of a pilot project to create outdoor adventures for clients of DESC. The scope has been local to start, with weekly hiking and yoga outings to West Seattle, Discovery Park, Bainbridge and Ballard. The goal has been to create a healthy and positive environment away from the stresses and dangers of homelessness and the downtown area. While not a permanent solution, the feedback from attendees is that the half day activity creates a positive and safe community that offers a respite from the rigors of daily life on the street and a chance to re-envision and explore opportunities.

Our budget for this pilot has been small. DESC have provided funding and we have received many donations of clothes and outdoor gear. We continue to solicit donations.

To learn more, to volunteer or donate. Please contact us.