“  “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”     ― Frank Zappa  


“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”  
― Frank Zappa 




"An extremely well organized set of guidelines for anyone willing take running seriously. Or any workout really. There are diet guidelines in this book with weekly planners. It reads like a personal trainer. I liked how it's broken down into weeks. What you can expect as well as what to avoid if you are having any pain issues


The book has its spiritual side as well, helping us to get out of our incessant thinking and into experiencing our breath, body and place in nature.


Getting back in shape after pregnancy is another fitness challenge. I spend thousands a year on professional coaching and many hours in a basement gym with no shower. This book offers an alternative that is doable even with the kids along (maybe even better with the kids along.) Although this is an outdoor program, it has adaptations for bad weather, and hotel stays.

~ Diana

The most important concept of the book is a workout he calls "The Daily Dozen" - a set of 12 exercises that take 12 minutes to perform (45 seconds per exercise and 15 seconds of rest). I've been doing this 4-5 times per week for the past 4 weeks and it has increased my fitness level. Because it takes so little time each day, it has solved one of my major problems with conditioning: consistency. 12 minutes is completely achievable even on busy days and, with no equipment required, very doable in a hotel room when traveling. I haven't quite worked up to doing these daily yet but I can already see results in the mirror.

~ Allison

I know many women may think they do not like these kind of exercises but this workout has accencuated my figure more than anything I have done since working out regularly with a trainer. The work on obliques and glutes pays off. I definitely recommend this book

~ Lynn

I bought this book about 6 weeks ago after reading about it in a hiking magazine. The exercises (described clearly) in the book are pretty typical total body conditioning/resistance exercises that many fitness trainers teach. The interesting and most valuable thing is the way the author, John Colver, combines these exercises into workout sessions that are very complete and challenging.  

~ Heather 

Loved it. Common sense stuff but without the gym crap (although personally I like the gym crap too)! Anyone can do it at any pace, one foot in front of another as fast and as long as you want to/need to go. I liked it particularly the easy to follow pictures and directions. All that's missing is the personal goal and away you go!

~ Patrick

Get outside and exercise! Starting with the "Daily Dozen," a series of 12 simple calisthenics that takes only 12 minutes per day to do, this book contains a wealth of instruction on getting fit with, and for, outdoor activities. I read it and followed some of these plans to prepare to climb 14,505' Mt. Whitney. (Yes! I reached the summit! Thanks, Fit By Nature!!)

~ Suki

After having a baby, a friend and I wanted to start a serious post-natal outdoor fitness group together in North Vancouver. Getting back in shape after pregnancy is a fitness challenge that many women struggle with due to time constraints with work, childcare and travel schedules. We found Fit By Nature to be an excellent resource to look to for fast and effective work-outs, starting with the Daily Dozen. The photos and descriptions of the exercises are very user-friendly when teaching a fitness group for the first time. There are also many advanced exercises which benefit more experienced athletes and the 12 week progression was beneficial for building on our fitness program. Excellent resource.

~ Tania

Less than one year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent surgery and followed up with 32 radiation treatments. After I came through this, a dear friend suggested "Fit By Nature," and thought it a good fit for me (bad pun intended).

It was.

In need of a physical and mental overhaul, "Fit By Nature" provided all the information necessary to begin my journey to wellness. From A to Z, the book spells it out for those of us who are starting from square one. The prescribed 'Daily Dozen' exercises are the best thing ever and worth the price of the book! I can do them anywhere, anytime, and I do. 

Ready for a thought-provoking program that takes you outdoors and beyond the gym? Willing to make a commitment to a better, stronger, fitter you? This book was my golden ticket; it provided all the inspiration I needed to see me through the 12-week challenge.

Worth saying again: Thank you