Join me on an adventure in 2019!


What’s an adventure…?

On the afternoon of June 3rd 1999, I sat in the right hand seat of a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver peering out of the window at endless mist and mountains. As we flew over the turquoise and white-speckled glacier below - and felt the wind gently buffet our tiny aircraft, I knew the joy of a person transformed by adventure and beauty.

In 2003 after becoming certified as a Professional Mountain Guide and Fitness Trainer. I began organizing training, expeditions and programs where I could share adventures with others as a team-mate, leader, coach and facilitator.

Now almost twenty years later… my passion for adventure, fitness and community has grown beyond anything I could have imagined. The adventures keep coming and I get to share them with others as part of my work.

Perhaps you feel the pull of curiosity in nature, in fitness, or life. If you would like to join me, or one of our teams or trips. Let’s make a plan!

Many people I work with enjoy my On-Target questionnaire. If you’d like to use it as a template for brainstorming - you can find it here. Or just message me and we can set a time to talk.


2019 Activities

  • Group Coaching

  • Individual Coaching

  • Fit To Climb Program

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Expeditions

  • Day Trips: Snowshoeing/Hiking

  • Events