just below the summit of North Twin sister, washington. 2003

Watching the sunset from mount baker, Washington 2010

Watching the sunset from mount baker, Washington 2010

Devils rest trail, above wahkeena falls, oregon 2015

Devils rest trail, above wahkeena falls, oregon 2015

calling home. kilimanjaro, tanzania 2015

calling home. kilimanjaro, tanzania 2015




I believe that storytelling is important. A story is a link to the past and a way to connect with the present. Through storytelling, we can learn about where we came from. Through storytelling, we can form our view of the world. Through storytelling, we form our wildest dreams and greatest hopes for our lives. 

I also believe that time spent in nature is affirming. I find that it can help me find balance. I think it can be healing. I know it feels extraordinarily good.  

So, I've written two books with a nature theme.

'Fit By Nature', is a book designed to inspire people to health and fitness outdoors.

'Fit To Climb', is a manual for people training to climb Mount Rainier.

My currrent work, 'In The Footsteps of a Saint', - is the first nature-writing book I have written. It will be available this summer. 

The story aims to put the reader in the footsteps of the legendary nature-advocate and writer - John Muir.

To do research on the story, I undertook a three thousand mile journey, through the major mountain ranges of the west coast of the United States. This spring, I will hike coast-to-coast accross Scotland, From Helensburgh in the west, to Muir's birthplace in Dunbar, East Lothian.

The East Lothian coast, coincidentally, is where I also fell in love with being in nature, on the beaches and trails of the coastline just east of Edinburgh. 

On the journey, 'In The Footsteps of a Saint', there was beauty, danger and loneliness. There were insights into Muir's life and into my own spirit, explorations into soul and love and recklessness and life and death and awe-inspired beauty. I attempted to evoke the spirit of Muir, in the places he explored - and in the places he dedicated his life to both protect and help preserve - for our enjoyment and the enjoyment of generations still to come.

The story asks; "What did Muir see? And why was it important?".

Then, it asks (the reader), "What do we see - and why is this important to us - today?" 

It's also - a call to action. An urgent call to action, designed to inspire and to build upon the work and vision, of one the most reverved nature-advocates of his time - a person who has been called the 'Patron Saint of Nature'. A person who helped create what has often been called - 'America's best idea' - Our National Parks. 

More immediate forthcoming work includes a training manual for people climbing Kilimanjaro. Publication date January 2019

My next planned expedition is a journey to the Arctic to write a story about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I plan an exploratory trip in 2018 and a six week expedition in 2019.

I lead a handful of expeditions. My favourite is to Tanzania. We climb up Kilimanjaro and sometimes Mount Meru. And we travel through the Serengeti and other parks, seeing amazing wildlife and landscapes.            

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find something you enjoy. For 2018, I'm sharing a newsletter called 'The Wilderness Warrior' which is published each wednesday. It's a celebration of the beauty of nature. You can subscribe to it here. 

I post pictures of adventures on IG I hope you connect and I look forward to following your adventures as well.

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John Colver