Task: Complete Leadville 100 mile foot race in 30 hours. 

Specific challenges & considerations.

  1. Distance: 100 miles.
  2. Terrain & Elevation: Off road including rocky trail and river crossings  
  3. Altitude above sea level: Start 10,200 feet, high point 12,700
  4. Environment: Hot in day, cold at night, 50% + chance of electrical storms.
  5. Sleep deprivation: Race starts at 0400 Aug 16. Cut off is 30 hours later. 1.5 nights w no sleep.  

Training Strategy.

  1. Condition body for extended movement. Start with half day, progress to full day (dawn till dusk), intersperse training with night runs to develop vision, coordination & organization skills. One or two full 'sunset till dawn' runs to develop mental awareness of going all night.
  2. Develop high level of core strength (especially trunk and hips) to absorb impact. Focus on stability training for knees and ankles. Focus on flexibility, coordination and proper care of lower legs. High level of foot care to condition against blisters, cuts etc. Consider shoe/sock combinations for dry & wet terrain.
  3. Pre acclimatize to 14,000 ASL with multiple Mt Rainier climbs including overnights on summit. Travel to Colorado 10 days prior. Camp and hike @ 14,000, sleeping @ 10,000 - 12,000. Descend to Denver 4 days prior to race to rest and recover. Return to 10,000 feet 2 days prior to race.
  4. Condition to perform well in heat and cold, both in training and in race. Reduce clothing on cold days, add clothing on warm days. Carry rain jacket and hat in race to protect from hail and rain if electrical storms happen.
  5. Practice two to four nights without sleep for familiarity. 'Bank' sleep during week prior to race.
  6. Daily meditation practice to improve focus and manage fatigue during training & race.     

Nutrition Strategy:

  1. Perform 70% of training in mid-aerobic zone to condition body to burn fat as fuel.
  2. Train exactly as for race on long runs. Start with full tank and intake 300 - calories per hour (anticipated burn rate = 600) along with 16 - 20 oz of liquids. (see separate list).  
  3. Supplement for last six months of training with vitamins, minerals and amino acids (from whey protein) to avoid malnutrition. (see separate list).

Training Milestones


Base building and weight training. 


Base building and weight training.


Dawn Till Dusk #1 35 miles around Lake Washington. DONE - 39 miles in 9.45! Strava link


Yakima Skyline Trail Race 25km - April 19

Yakima Skyline Trail Race 50km - April 20


Rainier 2 day Summit Climb Sleep @ 11,000 feet. May 15

Rainier 3 Day High Altitude Training. 2 nights @ 14,000 feet. May 31. Run/Walk Crater plus 3 peaks of summit (Columbia, Liberty Bell & Success Point).  


Dawn Till Dusk #3 June 7. Lake Washington Loop 55 miles Counter Clockwise from Husky Stadium. Time to beat = 15 hours. 

Martin's North Bend Triple Challenge. June 27. 29 miles, 10,000 feet elevation gain/loss. Little Mt Si, Mailbox, Big Mt Si. Time to beat = 9 hours. 


Mount Rainier Double Traverse. July 4. White River - Summit - Paradise and back.  

Two Day Bike Ride Around Rainier. July 26. 


Mount Adams August 1. Climb to top then repeat for speed. 

Colorado RAGNAR. 

Leadville 100 mile Trail Run August 16.