Harness the power of natural beauty, adventure and time outdoors.  


Discover exercise which is enjoyable and effective for you. 


Natural, delicious foods for optimal wellness and weight management. 



Mind-body, spiritual and social connection provide inspiration, and support.    

Ten Core Elements of Nature Rx 100. 

  1. 100 days of custom activities, goals and milestones. All designed around your lifestyle.

  2. Ongoing tracking ensures you stay on track for the results you want.

  3. 45 minutes of exercise - 5 days per week.

  4. 2 - 3 hour nature outing/hike each weekend.

  5. A full day of rest each week.

  6. A nature-based and delicious food plan which - depending on your needs - will be tailored to weight loss, maintenance or gain.

  7. Weekly coaching session; online, video/phone or in person. 

  8. Unlimited daily check-ins. 

  9. Constant data-based measurement of your progress.  

  10. 100% money-back guarantee.