“  The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness."        ― John Muir  

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness."
― John Muir 

Go deep into nature: A manifesto


Go deep into nature. 

STRENGTHEN your body, spirit and mind so you can go deeper, as deep as you dare. Do it daily.

LOSE YOURSELF in nature. If you explore enough, one day you will become disoriented. Completely lost. Your compass will get smashed on a rock, you'll walk off the map, GPS batteries will run dead, you'll take a shortcut, lose the trail -- fog will make the up and down into one. Night will fall. You won't know where you are and there will be only a few things to do. Breathe, wait, be calm. 

Be Prepared. Be READY for anything. Be CAREFUL. She's beautiful, but she does not care about you. Be self sufficient.   

Once each season. BE OUTSIDE from dawn until sunrise. Track the sun's journey from horizon to horizon, or the lightening and fading of the light. Be THANKFUL for this day. 

Once in a while. walk ALL NIGHT through a deep forest. You do not need PERMISSION. Listen to the river, wind, falling branches and leaves rustled by the animals move through the darkness. Feel the soft silence of the flight of the owl and know she watches you. Feel her GAZE. Feel ALONE. Feel everything. The forest knows you are there. 

Breathe in clean pure air. Taste it. Exhale everything you want to let go.

Look up into space. Past galaxies into La Vide,  Notice the light filtering from space, not utter blankness but teeming with life. 

THANK the trees for oxygen. Hold them, let them hold you. They are glad you came. 

Be extreme. Go back to a place a hundred times. Every day. Or never again. What you want IS WAITING FOR YOU.

FIND your most beautiful place. Take it with you. SEE IT in your MINDS EYE. Feel how it feels, how it smells, sounds and makes you FEEL. You can go there anytime. When you are happy, frightened, sad, hurt, alone and in love. When you WAKE in the morning let it COME to you like the whisper of a dream. Wrap your hand around your lover's fingers and take them too.