Goals and progress: Staying on track

Do you ever feel that you are slipping behind on your goals? How does that make you feel? 

For me it's not a productive use of time to think about how far behind I am (I'll start to worry). Neither is it helpful to think about how far ahead I am (I'll ease up).

If you feel behind. Stop. Don't measure how far behind (or ahead) you are, but ask this question,

"Is what I'm doing right now, taking me towards or away from my goal?"

If I trained well, ate well and slept well, then I'm doing the best I can and I'm going in the right direction. If I neglected any of these I can change them right now, or I can let today go and prepare to have a great day tomorrow. 

The key is - you want to feel good about yourself and your efforts. Don't be too hard on yourself and remember it's progress we are aiming for, not perfection. You are an athlete, some days are great, some are challenging.  Training is rarely linear. Sometimes the best thing we can do is take a moment, let go of yesterday, stop worrying about tomorrow and do the best we can do right now.

A friend of mine shared a quote about this, "Does Jack Nicholson worry about the hole he just played?" Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson has his own spin on that, "You have to play like you have amnesia". 

True words!

john colverComment