Nutrition. An international perspective

For me, a part of traveling is the opportunity to absorb the richness of the local culture. During my time involved in leading expeditions, two of my favorite places have been South America and East Africa. 

While vastly different in culture, I very much enjoy the way of eating in both places. The nature of our food choices is to provide very healthy and energy rich foods for our mountain adventures. It's something which comes easy in both places. A common aspect is that we don't have availability of energy bars and powders, nor anywhere near the amount of refined and processed foods. Our choices are limited to simple, practical, easy to transport foods; veggies, fruit, grains, seeds, beans, some eggs and meat. Teas, coffee, spices. 

This week I read two articles that reminded me of each place and which were quite soothing, in their approach. One is about what Brazil are doing to improve their national dietary recommendations. The other is about what Kenyan runners eat.

In the complicated approach we seem to have created in our society, the message of enjoying simple food sometimes gets lost.  Both of these articles reminded me of the joy of preparing and eating local, nutritious and tasty food.    

Eat Like A Kenyan Run Like A Kenyan

The Brazilian Guide To Food And Life 

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