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How is the month of January for you? I see that the post-holiday catch up can take some effort! Even getting back in routine can require a certain focus and re-commitment. I see people committed to solid goals and plans right now and it's inspiring to feel that energy. 

I wanted to share my plans for this blog over the next few months. My goal is to provide inspirations, ideas and tips on fitness, wellness and nature. There are also super recipes and nutrition ideas from Susan Dutro. 

On the subject of writing, one evening each week I'm currently doing a creative writing program and enjoying that very much. The instructor is Chrisi Krug and she has book called Burn Wild . It's a great guide for anyone wanting to use writing as a creative outlet, or to simply get into the habit of practicing writing for ten minutes each day. Personally, I find that writing or drawing can have a very positive effect on my health and happiness. Whether I'm working with a new client or planning an major expedition, I keep a page or a notebook and use it to build on my plans. If you feel like writing as part of your wellness adventure, I'd highly recommend her book as a guide you can use each day. It's simple, organized and fun. 

A writing inspiration I've used was from the famous British adventurer, Sir Chris Bonnington. I got to speak with him at an event in Edinburgh. I was just fifteen years old but wanted to learn how to plan an expedition. He looked me right in the eyes, smiling and said, "Just get your boots on, Lad. And go from there". I still use that inspiration and it begs a great question, "Where can I go? Where do I want to go? What will I do". Sometimes, starting is really that simple. If you are ever feeling stuck for choosing a new path, try writing some answers to those questions. 

So do expect a few posts each week and know that you can subscribe or unsubscribe to an e-mail copy of these at top right of page. 



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