Fit By Nature: Journaling. Connecting with nature

Running. Scotland. 

As you exercise, train, or spend time outdoors. Do you find yourself connecting with the energy of certain things? 

  • A waterfall, tumbling down and letting go.
  • A gentle breeze, slowing moving through a forest.
  • A river, a storm, a steady rain, moss on a rock, summer flowers blooming, tall trees - magestic, solid and still.

I ran today; steady like the river beside and soft like the rain that fell, misty-like on me and the trail. In Vancouver, Washington, it has been raining coolly (50 degrees) and softly for a couple of days and will likely, do the same tomorrow. The end of the week will see sun and we have 90 degrees and sun.

It's ever changing, as are we. 

Write about flow, or resistance, or stillness -- what aspects of nature are you this week, right now?      

john colverComment