Recovering From Cancer.

Kimberly Ylitalo had breast cancer. After 32 radiation treatments, she is on her way to recovery.

As part of her wellness program, she does Fit By Nature. She shared that it's been a cornerstone of getting back to health. 

There are many ways to exercise and our program is just one flavor, but stick consistently to any good fitness program - and the benefits will come. Just remember to be gentle with your body, get lots of rest, with good nutrition -- and make time for what's important.  

Congratulations Kimberly. You inspire me greatly.  

"Tomorrow's Cornerstone will mark the end of my 7th Week (El Rapido!) and can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday! I have your book with me all the time, doing my homework, writing crib notes each day as I prepare for the Sunday work out"!
- KY

Kimberly at stairs workout.

Kimberly at stairs workout.

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