Fit By Nature: Journaling - Week Two - Possibility

I heard a saying, "If you don't dream, you don't get". 

There is something committing, about writing about the possibility of our dreams. The act of putting them on paper creates a witness. The key word, this week, is possibility. Not commitment or decision or declaration... but "what if?"

People have told me that even the thought of this brings up emotions; joy, fear, even sadness. So I encourage you, this week, to write down some possibilities. You don't need to share in with anyone and you don't need to have a plan for accomplishment, remember we are flexing our imagination skills, that's all.  

Why do we sometimes hold back expressing our dreams? I listened to a talk by Les Brown, who was referring to a study performed by psychologists, which indicated that in order to neutralize a negative comment by a friend or family member - subjects needed to receive seventeen positive statements to overcome the damage done by the negative input. At first that ration seems high. Yet, in my work I regularly meet people who succeed after years of failing, or not starting, yet find that a positive influence is like oxygen to the flame.  This is why consistency is important, you may need to write over and over again, in order to overcome discouragement. The good news is - that you will. Keep declaring what you want, and the math will start working in your favor. 

Your action step, this week, is to set aside some time, to explore the possibilities that you imagine. This could be a visit to a place, a gear store, book store, map store or a drive to the area where you want to go. You could watch a film or some Youtube videos. A friend and student, Lynn once told me that as a teenager, she rode her bike to a place in Seattle where she could see Mount Rainier, she was enthralled by it. Twenty years later, she climbed to to top of it and that teenage imagination was fuel for training. Our minds are powerful, if we know what we want, our brains will be figuring out ways to get there, even if we aren't aware of it. 

How are you doing on daily writing? If you missed a day or two, let that go - and try to write every day this week. Here is last week's post for ideas.  



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