Fit By Nature: Journaling - Week Three - Progress.

Flowers are progress. 

The other day, while running, I was looking at the new colors in the forest; blues, pinks, yellows and the bright-green needles on Douglas firs. Seeing the changes of the seasons, is one way I feel my journey and time in nature reminds me that nothing stops the flowers coming through. So for this week's journaling, I've been writing about a sense of progress. 

No matter how quick, or slow, or sideways our progress is... It's possible to be deliberate with action. We can train, stretch, heal, plan, learn and grow. Importantly, we ought realize that progress often involves setbacks or slowdowns. Often the biggest progress involves transition; breaking-down, letting-go and breaking-through. It's not easy... but what a difference it can make. All of the steps are progress, especially the tough ones. And they might not feel comfortable.

Sometimes, it's easy to feel like we don't have energy or motivation - to go after a goal, but that's not always true. We know what we want. And even if we can't get it today, we can move forwards and let the future unfold. It's important to consider, that the flowers that grew half-a-foot in the past week, rested, virtually unmoved... for months. And here they are!

This week, write about progress. It could be fitness, strength, endurance, healing, planning, goal setting or attitude. Consider the following topics and write about how you relate to them. 

  • Resilience. 
  • Persistence. 
  • Faith.
  • Desire.
  • Direction.
  • Growth.    

What if you feel like you have not made progress, or have had a set-back?

Write about that, too. Get it all out on the page.

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