"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better"

Einstein said, "Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better". 

Think about running down a busy city street, or on a treadmill in a gym. I do both of these things, I occasionally like the warmth of the gym and I can certainly embrace the urban animal inside me, but how does it compare to hiking in the forest or running on a beach? 

Writing Fit By Nature was an adventure, because we don't know the benefits of being outside, surrounded by trees, fresh air, waterfalls and birds. 

I have come to believe that they are 'force multipliers', in that one enhances the other. And science has proven that we certainly perform better as humans, as well as athletes, as we spend more time in nature.

Next time you hike or run in the forest, breathe deeply into your lungs, look as far as you can see, into the sky or into a waterfall. Feel the trees and your feet on the trail. Let your heart expand. Feel fit. Feel deeply. Feel alive.  

Tall trees, Mailbox Peak, Washington. 

Tall trees, Mailbox Peak, Washington.