Fit By Nature

Time flies - It's been four years since we launched Fit By Nature!

Six years ago, I sat down with Kate Rogers, Editor-in-Chief at Mountaineers Books, in Seattle. We spoke about a vision for this book and how it could be used, ultimately deciding that we wanted to produce a book that anyone could use, as a guide and a manual for getting fit outdoors.

It's been an adventure! To watch the evolution of the book and how it's been used, is a fascinating process. To read reviews and receive personal letters/e-mails about how outdoor fitness has changed lives, is deeply gratifying. Seeing people and groups using the format to run fitness programs, is the most rewarding aspect of this.

It's always been my belief that we are all fitness leaders, capable of inspiring others. Since publishing Fit By Nature, many people who were only starting their fitness journeys, are now leading highly successful group-workouts and fitness-programs. Possibly the most valuable thing learned, is that the combination of the book's core values; adventure, fitness and community -- is highly sustainable. 

As we wrote and launched the book, our strategy for Fit By Nature's growth, was to go for the long-play. It was fitting, because this is not a 'get fit quick' book, it's an easy-to-begin, highly-effective - and sustainable method - of approaching fitness and health. It's our vision that Fit By Nature will be as good or better as resource in twenty years, as it is now. 

Today marks the official start of our fourth year since publication, so it's still a young book, especially compared to some of The Mountaineers Books other titles, like Freedom of the Hills. One of the initiatives for this coming year, is to continue to grow the Fit By Nature community and to capitalize on the success stories which have been achieved by readers and groups who have used it.  

If you have enjoyed success with our book... many congratulations - and thank you! I hope you continue to deepen your outdoor fitness lifestyle and encourage others to do the same.

To kick off our fourth year, I wanted to list some resources that you may enjoy. Please pass them along to friends, family and co-workers. 

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