Celebrate small successes.

This morning, I got texts from three people who are doing weight loss, another week gone another 1lb or 2 towards targets. Yes! Progress feels good - and it makes me want to celebrate! (It also makes me want to focus on the community aspect of Nature Rx 100 and I'm working on ideas to foster this in the new year, with forums, social media and social events) 

Making changes, even small ones, can be daunting. A few days or weeks go by and our inner-saboteur can amplify fears, distracting from the task ahead. We have to be aware of this guy. 

Big challenges are no different. It's easy to get scared or feel doubt. Fear is the mark of an intelligent human being, if we didn't have it, we'd be in big trouble! Just got to fight through it, even if it's an inch at a time, especially if it's an inch at a time.   

A combination of calming techniques, refocusing on anchors and celebrating small successes are invaluable. Breathe. Meditate. Get in a state of flow. Remember what's on offer - what's there to gain - where you are headed - where you came from.... Think of the joy of how that feels. 

Celebrate everything. Celebrate the fact you are 1.5 lbs lighter this week, 6lbs lighter this month. Celebrate that you did your Daily Dozen. That you got a good nights sleep. That you pulled on shoes and hiked in the rain. Celebrate the fact that your remembered your hat and gloves! My training partner talks to himself during runs. (I'm not sure if he knows he does it) and it makes me smile. "3 miles.... Yeah" (at top of lungs. sometimes people stare). 

I've always thought that there are very few absolutes in life, adventure or wellness.... However, I think that if we are to succeed and grow; we must trend towards positive. We have to find courage and know it's there, even if it seems distant. We have to find a way to motivate-up. No one can do it for us - and courage is often hidden beyond doubt. We have to know that tiny-gains, all strung together become huge-gains - even if we can't see that now. 

What are you willing to do to trend positive? Be daring. Be different. Be outrageous - if that's what it takes. Do it your way and celebrate your gains. Celebrate getting your foot on the ladder. If you fell off, celebrate that you're going to get up and try again. 


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