Tracking data

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to track movement. GPS and/or Step (Fitbit) tracking works for many people. For staying on course to meet milestones - these are great tools. I like Strava and/or Fitbit but the one that works best - is the one that works for you. Apple and Nike smart watches also track both GPS (enhanced by cell data) and accelerometer to measure your hikes/bikes/runs. And please don't ever feel obliged to track everything (or anything) it's just one of many tools to aid progress. 

All of the platforms can be set up for sharing as well as privacy options. Know that you can set Strava on a range of settings from; only you, to those you choose to share with, to public. You can also use the privacy setting which deletes the first and last portion of your run - this is to safeguard your privacy if you are running from home and do not want anyone to see where you live. Let me know if I can help with set up. 

It really helps me to see data and it's great for identifying trends, gains and understanding any setbacks. I put a link on the side bar (bottom right) to the Strava page and it opens on my personal page.

In order of importance; time, distance, elevation are the three core numbers that are most useful. If on a weight-reduction or gain plan, daily weight (for you) and weekly (for me) is the other measurement. If you are using Fitbit, the daily steps calculate very accurately into distance. 

Heart Rate is not needed, but if you want to, then please use the HR monitor and that will automatically include itself on the Strava data. We can certainly use that, but I'm also a fan of using body awareness to track intensity. 

Finally, Battery Life. On your phone, the GPS function does not need celldata, it works independently. This means if you are out of range (hiking), you can turn phone to airplane mode and your tracking app will still work and importantly, not drain your battery. 

A fun aspect of Strava is that a good number of professional athletes use it. I find it inspiring to see some the other performances. Sage Canaday is a guy I'm a fan of. The dude can move!


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