What would Gandhi say?

Today, I heard about a thing I'd never heard of before - a yoga competition, complete with heats, finals and awards. My second thought was, "Don't judge", which was nice because my initial response was that I couldn't see how that would work?

Exercise is good and heck, we live in a competitive world, so no surprise. I did though, think of my very first yoga class a number of years ago. The teacher came by to coach me and said, "Let your body tell you what is right, the moves are just guidelines, there is no right or wrong way, if you do what feels right for you".  

I liked that teacher. I've had no problem pushing hard before, it's learning to listen to my body and mind which has taken time. That, "do what feels right" message is one I've needed to hear.  

In a sometimes constrained world, perhaps it's good to do a little 'Gandhi', Do it the way we want. Be as wild or mellow as we feel we ought be. Trust our intuition and try to have fun! And to remind that, it doesn't need to be hard or difficult to be of benefit.  

The video made me laugh out loud. You may want to turn the speakers down if you're at work. Gandhi drops a couple of F bombs before class is over !    

john colverComment