Annual Fitness and Wellness Review #9

Good Morning, 

Today's exercise is designed to dig into what motivates you. 

What is a healthy activity that you enjoy? An example could be hiking, running, cycling, or salsa dancing. You can do the exercise with any thing and it might be best to begin with a favorite.

Why do you enjoy it? 

Set a timer and write for three minutes on what you like or love about your activity. Think about how you feel when you do it and what you look forward to about it.  

As a primer, here is an excerpt from my choice. One of my favorite things is running. Some reasons I like it: It calms me, I get inspiration during running, it makes me feel healthy, I can do it anywhere, it's a reason to go into nature, it wakes me up, makes my body feel good, stretches my muscles, clears my head and it gives me focus. I have much potential to improve running, it's an activity I do that I am not highly accomplished at so it gives me something to be curious about. 

Enjoy the exercise, feel good about your healthy choices. 


john colverComment