Annual Fitness and Wellness Review #5

Good Morning,


Today's exercise involves two questions: Think of them as a first draft of goal setting. You might keep it, you'll probably change it and you might toss it away. So feel free to write ANYTHING you want. You cannot fail at this exercise!

  1. Do you have a particular goal next year, or beyond. It could be many things, an adventure, a health goal, going to school, a new career, retirement? Perhaps there are several objectives that in concert, will produce one overall result? Reminder -- it's a draft. No overthinking. 
  2. If you did chose one or several objectives -- What is the onething you could do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary. 

I share my draft. 

I've always wanted to run a 26.2 mile marathon in under three hours. I'm not close today and I don't know if I can accomplish this. I believe that to do it, I'd need to see steady improvement for 2 plus years. The coach in me knows I'd need increased muscle, decreased fat, better technique, more flexibility, good routine and a dose of luck. I do believe it's possible. 

Why this goal? 

This is where it gets interesting for me: I know that I love to be outside, especially on the trail. When I run, I feel good, happy, confident and relaxed. It seems to improve my creativity, I sleep well, have a healthy appetite. It helps me hike, climb, backpack and coach.  

In addition to all of these things - I have amazing resources, beautiful places to run, I have access to great coaches including a great running coach and any testing equipment I need. Also, some of my closest friends love to run. 

But really when it gets down to it... this one thing is huge. Running helps me live longer, be happy, probably save money on health costs, boosts my immune system and... I could keep going all day. 

So my one thing?

Make time for a run, most days of the week. It's that simple. 

That's my draft. I'm going to sit with this for a week and see how it feels. 


Don't force a goal. If there's nothing there, be patient. Perhaps do a hike or a trip to think things over. I've seen many people decide big life decisions during a hiking or climbing expedition. It's worth taking time. 

Remember that many decisions are reversible. An attractive aspect of my run goal is that there really are few downsides, in fact the outcome really doesn't matter. I could change my mind if it doesn't work and the real benefit is in the process.

Don't be afraid to chose a huge goal or something that many people would find unattainable. People do amazing things and there's no telling what will happen when we tap into our deepest potential. Perhaps a good place to begin is with the question. What makes me happy or how happy will I feel doing this? If the thought of it makes you excited or even scares you - it might be worth considering.


Quote for the day: 

“Je peux, Je vais” (I can, I will)

― Bernard Hinault -  5 time winner of the Tour de France.

In fitness and health.


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