Annual Fitness and Wellness Review #4

Good Morning, 

This is an easy exercise. The goal is to create awareness of how much time you are spending in outdoors doing physical activity and to consider how this naturally changes in different seasons. 

How many hours per week do you spend exercising outdoors?

  • Now ____ 
  • During fall ____
  • During summer ____
  • During spring ____
  • Last winter ____

For interest, here are my personal answers: 
- Now - 8
- During fall - 7
- Summer - 15 - 20
- Spring 10 - 15
- Last winter 3 - 5. 

Knowing that there may be seasonal fluctuations can be a useful planning tool.

The key is awareness, not perfection. This exercise is simply designed to allow us to see what factors are involved. 

Have a great day and I look forward to connecting tomorrow. 

Quote for the day: 

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” 
― Albert Einstein


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