Annual Fitness and Wellness Review #3

Good Morning,

Today's exercise is designed to spark intuition to review what areas we feel powerful in and any areas where we feel hindered. It will reveal where we have made gains and also give a sense of what areas we can focus on going forward. 

Take a sheet of paper. On the left, make a column of categories of health and wellness which are important to you. I chose these categories

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Practical  

You can use these or create your own headings.

Under each one, list the aspects of that category which are important to you. For example under 'Physical', I wrote; stamina/endurance, strength, flexibility, weight and running. These are all areas which are important to my physical well being. Do the same for each heading.

Next, make five empty columns across the page. These are titled:

  • Couldn't be better
  • Good
  • OK
  • Could be better
  • Not happy

Now score each item in your list. Check the first box that comes to mind and do it quickly ,without thinking. It's just a draft, a quick snapshot of how you feel. You can change or add to it later.

I've attached a picture of my review (by the way, you don't need to share your results with anyone). Doing it will likely be instantly revealing. It's my experience that we often forget how we've progressed, or we 'get used to' things which hinder us. As a personal example, in 2014 I was physically injured and I was experiencing some depression and anxiety which felt debilitating, but I forget these things now because I'm not thinking about them. By doing the exercise, I immediately felt a sense of progress and it feels motivating. It lets me know that my efforts produce actual and tangible results. 

On my right hand columns, I can see that I want to spend some more time with family. I want to do be of more service to people, my physical flexibility needs work, I want to feel more organised and I want to spend more time on writing (creative). I want to resolve some financial issues which are holding me back. I can do all of these things. I feel empowered at the thought of working on them. 

There's always a small part of me which tries to deny or excuse what's not working so well, or that I'm afraid to look at. Sometimes it's because I feel I can't change that thing (more on this later), but there's a huge sense of freedom from accepting them and planning solutions. Ultimately, I can take the things on this side of the page and turn them into goals. From those goals I will make plans and from those plans I'll get results. And some of the things will resolve themselves. For example, The 'writing' one took five minutes, I told a friend, who told me of a weekly evening class and I registered. Boom.      

  • Do it quickly
  • It's OK to feel hesitant in acknowledging what comes up. 
  • Don't worry about missing things, you can add later.

Quote for the day: 

“All right, so give me some idea of what you can do," says Haymitch.

I can’t do anything," says Peeta, "unless you count baking bread."

Sorry, I don’t. Katniss. I already know you’re handy with a knife,” says Haymitch.

Not really. But I can hunt,” I say. “With a bow and arrow.”

And you’re good?” asks Haymitch.

I have to think about it. I’ve been putting food on the table for four years. That’s no small task. I’m not as good as my father was, but he’d had more practice. I’ve better aim than Gale, but I’ve had more practice. He’s a genius with traps and snares. “I’m all right,” I say.” 

― Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games

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