Annual Fitness and Wellness Review #2

Good Morning!

Today's exercise is to connect with how accomplishments, challenges and any set-backs have felt. 

From yesterday's lists (
What went well this year & what didn’t go well this year), take one significant thing from each of he two lists and add one experience which created a significant challenge for you. 

With each of these three things ask the following questions:

  • How did the outcome make me feel?
  • How did the outcome differ from my expectation before you started?
  • What was difficult?
  • What strengths/qualities surfaced in me?
  • What are two things I know now, as a result of the experience?


  • There are no wrong answers. It's an exploration, not a test. 
  • It's OK to feel hesitant in acknowledging what comes up. 
  • Spend a few minutes reviewing what you wrote.
  • Finish the exercise by focusing on the most significant accomplishment of the year. Carry that energy through the day.

A quote for the day: 

"Sitting quietly doing nothing
spring comes and the grass grows by itself" 


john colverComment