Welcome Susan


I'm excited to announce that Susan Dutro is joining my team as a project leader for Nature Rx 100.
Susan will be developing the food and nutrition elements including; recipes, lists, coaching tips and nutritional information. 

I first met Susan in 2013 at an exercise class and was struck by her passion for science, as well as her dedication to health and wellness. She is an runner and soccer player and leads an exercise group twice weekly. In addition raising two daughters with her husband, Will, she is an avid gardener and has been growing food for thirty years. As an adviser, her research experience and support have been invaluable in the creation of Nature Rx 100. 

Susan's experience as a molecular biologist gives her unique insights into nutrition, health and physiology. She holds a B.S. in Zoology and an MS. in Biochemistry, from University of Idaho. 

Passionate about everything to do with healthy eating, Susan is strong advocate for organic and sustainable farming. She also cares for two large dogs and a cat, volunteers as a Library assistant and makes the best Kale Salad I have ever tasted! 

I've had the chance to coach with Susan, her husband and daughter. She is very familiar with my coaching methods and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work with her. Our goal in working together is to provide useful resources and practical advice that make eating healthily easy, fun and rewarding.    

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