When we reach our limit....

In the pursuit of dreams, we're going to run into roadblocks. Sometimes, they will seem insurmountable. Sometimes, our fear may be so great, that we feel we can't move forwards. 

What can we do? 

We can give up. We can re-frame. Sometimes, waiting can be good.  

In the time I've been coaching, I have rarely seen major accomplishment without fear and doubt, without mental and physical fatigue. We don't go looking for them, but they come anyway. Most often, when someone tells me, "I can't do this". I've found that a wonderful approach is simply to rest. To take care of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with finding a limit, in fact, if the dream or goal is true, we're almost sure to reach that point. 

Know that fear, being a feeling, will pass. 

Sometimes it can be useful to consider why we began, what's to be gained or what we want to leave behind, or we can simply do nothing, or go for a walk, or find a distraction. That could be as simple as cleaning or fixing something. 

Often I find, that surrendering to the fear - and not trying to fight it - is an amazing way to rise up through it. If I mediate, rest, breathe - and find acceptance that 'I might fail', but 'I might also succeed'. The required energy - the courage, fire and strength - might just come from within. There's a good chance it was inside us all along. 


"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

john colverComment