Five Year Planning

A favorite land-navigation teacher would begin his classes with his 'First three rules of navigation'

  1. Know where you are
  2. Know where you are going
  3. Know how you are going to get there

Every time I've ever felt lost in the mountains - and often in life - I've tried to remember these rules and I suspect they apply to all planning. 

A five year plan can add tremendous meaning and security to our lives. For me it's a way of checking to see if I'm following a path which is true for me. A way of knowing if I'm doing what I want. It's a way of deciding to what extent I'm living my life and to what extent I'm letting it pass by. 

You'll find an outline exploring what a five year plan can do and look like. It's in the resources section on the site here FIVE YEAR PLANNING

I'll look forward to checking in and learning more about how this process can be tailored to be most useful for your goals.

A suggestion for this week, would be to use your daily nature time, hiking or running, to ponder the questions and think about what five years looks like. I see a five year plan as an active process - a living plan as opposed to a fixed goal.

Some intentions that I find helpful are:

  • "What if?" 
  • "Why not?",
  • "What makes me feel free?" 
  • "What would I choose, if I knew I couldn't fail?"
  • "I actually can".

I hope you enjoy the article and look forward to conversations about what comes up. ~ JC

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