Next week's project: A five year vision.

After planning an escape for the holiday weekend, I'm working and relaxing at a lovely cabin which belongs to two friends. I added a few pictures to this post. This morning, after waking to silence and sunlight, I made coffee and lit a fire. The sun-dried cedar in the fire is making an enormous crackling sound and it even sounds warm! I'm surrounded by firs, ferns and countless other beautiful things. It's so quiet that other than the fire, the only thing I can hear is the sound of my breathing and my fingers typing. I feel very lucky to be here.

So, the Nature Rx 100 project is evolving. It's evolving more quickly than I anticipated when we started, and that feels good. I've enjoyed the feedback and suggestions from everyone. It helps me greatly to learn what is useful and what's not. So three weeks in (20 days) and everyone in the group is right on target with goals. "I feel great", "I have energy", "This really works", are the things I'm hearing and while part of me says, "Of course it is", there's another part of me that says, "Oh Wow" and it makes me feel happy.  

Sometimes, (maybe you've felt like this before?) --  I wonder if things not working out isn't easier. I could say to myself "OK that didn't go right. I'll start over, do it better next time". I've done that before and I now know why that feels safe - because I get to do what I know - and there's safety in that - security in the familiar. Humans do this.  

The huge tree outside my window doesn't do this... it knows better. It knows that it must grow, or die. So it grows. It grows out and it grows up. It grows every day, sometimes quickly sometimes slowly. Up it goes, breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen for a hundred years and more. Thank you tree. Thanks for the oxygen and thanks for the inspiration. 

So moving onwards. What does the future look like for any of us? How can we know? 

Aside from all the great exercise and nature and self care, next week's project for Nature Rx 100 is to create a five-year vision. On Monday, you'll find a quiz and a worksheet on this page and I'll look forward to chatting more during our weekly check-in meetings. 

This weekend, I want you to make time for yourself or with your partner (if you are doing this together). If you can, go into nature, be in the forest, by a lake, the beach or a river and allow time to think. 

In preparation for next week's project - I have an affirmation and a few questions to ponder over the weekend. 


  1. I do what I want.
  2. I do what I want, in life, work, love and play.
  3. I need permission from no-one. God, the universe (or whatever made that tree) loves me and trusts me. I can do what I want.    

Questions to ponder: 

  1. Who do I love and who loves me? How does this feel? 
  2. How do I feel in nature? What are three things, I am getting from being outside? 
  3. What is something I want, but that I'm afraid of? 
  4. If I could go into nature and leave something behind, what might that be?
  5. When I go for a walk on this weekend - in five years time - what will be different? What will my life be like? 

Have a great weekend. 

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