Often, I consider the similarities between wellness and navigation. If I alter course by a few degrees while walking, the difference after one mile will be barely noticeable, but keep walking the same direction for ten miles and I'll end up a long way from where I would have arrived, without the shift in direction. 

In the first couple of weeks of a new training direction, there aren't many noticeable differences (unless the training is too hard and there'll be pain, fatigue and/or injury). The same is true for a sensible weight loss plan, losing 1 lb in a week is going to be unnoticeable, but keep that up for 10 weeks and the difference is a game changer. 

The best news though, is that gains are not linear, they are exponential. As time unfolds, we get a little stronger each week, we notice more energy, more vitality, so the training is easier, maybe even more fun. Because we see results we feel more encouraged. As we eat well, the nutrients in the food fuel our body and mind. If weight loss was a goal, we'll feel lighter, more efficient, quicker. Mentally we are stronger, more relaxed and confidence is growing. We are growing. Everything feels easier - and it is. The same is true for gaining muscle mass, the stronger we are the easier everything gets. 

It's important, especially in the first few weeks, to take the long view. Be aware, too, of who you are hanging out with. Because the gains we are making are hard to see at first - other people won't see them either. It's important to have encouragement, so stick with people who believe in you and are going to support you. It's also important to avoid naysayers. Even if people say they support you (maybe even want to), if they don't actually believe in you, then that unconscious energy will take away from your efforts, often imperceptibly. 

Feel joy in your decision to grow and follow a healthy path. Let go of any resistance, or any worries from the past. As a result of small consistent daily actions, you are creating a gentle momentum and it's carrying you forwards towards your goals.

Maybe you aren't feeling great, perhaps there were setbacks or the week didn't go to plan? Feel free to call or text. I leave time at the end of the day. So I'll get back to you and I'll have some extra positivity to share. Challenges are easier to overcome if we work as a team. I find that talking with a coach or supporter generally opens up all sorts of possibilities. 

PS: And I remind myself - success nearly always looks like the picture below. 

Have a wonderful weekend. If you are in Pacific Northwest Wonderland - it looks like we'll have sun tomorrow. The Columbia Gorge is calling my name. Where ever you are - I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall conditions.

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