Sunday Hike: Cape Horn Trail Loop - six miles

I have happy memories of doing this trail earlier this year. At that time we could not access the lower trail because it was closed it to allow Falcons to care for their young between January and June. It was one of my first Columbia Gorge Hikes, so it was nice to go back and see the trail again.

The trail head directions suggest going counter-clockwise. I wanted to finish downhill, not uphill, so headed off the other way. The trail follows a road past a cool farm with goats and then skirts the columnar basalt cliffs for a mile or two, before heading about 1500 feet up to the high point. Today was a beautiful and sunny autumn day, cool to start and warm by the end. Here is a map of route and a picture from one of the overlooks. 

Strava MAP  

Columbia River Gorge looking east from Cape Horn 

Columbia River Gorge looking east from Cape Horn 

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