Msamaria Kids

One of the most enjoyable parts of traveling to Moshi, TZ on our Kilimanjaro trips, is visiting our friends at Msamaria Center for Street Children

The kids are hungry for success. With the leadership of Folkward Mapunda, along his small staff, have done a remarkable job of focusing on their education and skills.

We are taking several bags of gifts for the center, soccer & sports equipment, medical supplies and educational materials. It's our goal to pay the rent for a few months too. 

If you'd like to support us, to support these future champions -- you could: 

1. Drop off any items on this list at our offices in Ballard, today or Monday. Ask for Arlen or John. 

2. Make a donation online on the Msamaria Website.   

Thank you for checking out Msamaria, it's a wonderful organization, run by a team who have guts, passion and a clear vision. 

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