Barafu Camp!

The team arrived at Barafu Camp last night in good spirits and health. The weather cleared up, giving them blue skies above and a layer of clouds below. Yvonne has decided that this is her favorite camp because they are thousands of feet above the clouds.

As the team gazed up at the summit, 7,000 feet over their heads, they felt a sense of quiet confidence and optimism.

After finishing a summit briefing, would-be summiteers finalized and packed their gear before heading to bed for about 6 hours of rest. They will get up at 11 and leave for the summit at midnight. Liymo will lead from the front while the other guides - Issac, Thomas, Faustian and Charles support the team. John will be bringing up the rear.

Everyone is looking forward to the climb. There are many climbers at camp from all over the world and the excitement is palpable. The team knows that only about half of the would-be summiteers will make it all the way to the top and are proceeding with humility and hope. 

Wish them luck and keep them in your thoughts as they start their quest for the summit!


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