Visiting Msamaria Center for Street Children

A few pictures from Msamaria Center for Street Kids.

Sheri Goodwin, owner of Transformational Journeys and I visited the Staff and some of the kids. Sheri taught some kids how to juggle. They did well and the next few coaching sessions are set up! Folkward Mapunda, Center Director, said that the kids figured out that we have enough people for a soccer team and they want to play us - on Monday, when all of our team are here. Yikes! 

Each year, we've done a small project with the center. In years past it's been chickens and, art and photography. This year is very practical. The kids need new tables and chairs for their dining area. The old ones have fallen apart after ten years, so each day, the kids need to get the tables and chairs out of the classroom -- and over to the dining area. It's OK but less than ideal. 

We met today and figured out a quote for wood which is suitable for child proof benches and tables. Another donor has provided money for tables. So our goal is to come up with the money for benches right away. We hope to order the wood on Monday and have them made, right away. We need 50,000 TZ shillings (US $380) more to place the order. Our goal is to get the tables and benches in place by end of the month. Community is important to the kids well-being, so having the dining area operating and the kids eating together, will be a very positive boost. 

We'll cover the initial costs and if you would like to make a donation online - you can do so at 
Money donated through the site goes 100% to Msamaria (no card fees) and is credited at the end of each month. 

Oh, if anyone wants a puppy, the 'Momma Dog' at the center just had five of them! They are all awesome.  

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