Exercise and the ‘Good’ Bugs in Our Gut

In this New York Times article, the author points to research that seems to indicate that the quality of bacteria in our stomach is enhanced as a result of exercise. 

There are a growing number of studies which suggest that the bacterial make-up in our stomachs could have a dramatic effect on health. 

I've always believed that we can't 'eat ourselves healthy', we have to train our bodies with physical exercise. So does what we eat enhance our performance? Science shows that it does, and no right-minded person would advocate eating junk food to someone wanting to be fit and healthy. Ideally, we do both - quality exercise and quality nutrition (with a big dose of sleep and rest in thrown in). 

But let's consider the possibility that physical exercise is so powerful in helping us balance our internal systems, that it helps us in ways we can't even imagine. 

My inspiration and encouragement on reading this article is that we are most successful when we make the main thing - the main thing!

The main thing is physical exercise! 

Have a great day and enjoy moving your body!

john colverComment