Congratulations Richard Sherman

Some of my endurance athlete friends think it odd that I like a professional athlete in a commercial sport and I get that not everyone likes American Football. 

As a coach and an athlete, I look at Richard Sherman and I see an athlete. He raises my consciousness of what is possible with effort and talent. And he offers a lesson on not giving up when no one believed in him. 

Today, all of his efforts for the past two decades paid off. He went from the 154th pick to the highest rated cornerback and highest paid cornerback in the National Football League. It's a ridiculous amount of money but no one can say that Richard Sherman is not a world class athlete. You don't get fit and fast like this in six months. 

Scroll down if you want to see his video interview about what it felt like to get left rejected by all of the big name teams. he gives a few tips on how to handle the pressure. 

john colverComment