Two keys to success

Moderation and consistency....

Last week I had the chance to be part of National Employee Fitness Day with a leading Washington employer, Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU). 

The goal was to celebrate health and wellness with a one day event to focus on making time to exercise. The office locations are in business parks, and the Human Resources team had nominated leaders to look for creative ways to make it easy to exercise. In terms of facilities, two great situations are a walking trail at one location, and at another location the team created a two mile loop around green areas within the business park. It included gardens, a trail and a Koi pond - all of which seemed distant from the actual offices just a few minutes away.

In addition, a patio and part of a parking area were designated for exercises. We used the Daily Dozen . I asked people to come up with custom versions. So far we have the Delectable, Dastardly, Deadly & Dirty Dozen. At least one person personalized it -- 'Diana's Dozen.' Perfect!

What really stood out was the sheer number of people participating. The ease and simplicity of joining a few co-workers, or taking some quiet alone time to do ten minutes of exercise and a twenty minute walk or run - are attractive. Making it a routine appointment creates a healthy habit.  

Making it simple is a priority because one of the keys to being fit and healthy is to exercise consistently. In this regard we can all mimic the discipline of a star-athlete by building in the daily practice that over time will yield what often appears to be extraordinary results.  The rest of the good news? We don't need to go to the limit everyday. The exercise merely needs to stimulate, not exhaust. The aim is to make us feel vitalized, not burdened, and it doesn't need to be heavy lifting all the time. In fact, once a positive habit is created, it's pretty easy to keep it going.  

Stick to the principle of 'moderation and consistency' and you'll always be making progress; adding strength, lowering stress, working out kinks, learning new skills and treating your body with respect.

Today, what two things can you do to build on this principle? 

This could be an all day adventure, or a mini fitness-break for 45 minutes. 

This could be an all day adventure, or a mini fitness-break for 45 minutes. 

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