Questioning the reasons - why climb mountains?

As an advocate of outdoor wellness and adventures, I've always thought that a balanced approach to mountain climbing can bring a host of positive health and social benefits.

On the mountain, I've always found that nearly everyone is in agreement with the most important climbing move - the 180 degree turnabout - especially good when things are getting a little too spicy. I've often wondered, though, if sometimes we put too little emphasis on the decision to go or not. 

In this article, Katie Ives of Alpinist Magazine offers a thought-provoking perspective about why we climb mountains - and how we might approach this beautiful activity. 

From the article

We all know the Myth. We've heard it told and retold hundreds of times, in "motivational" speeches exhorting audiences to "climb your personal Everest," in press releases announcing the latest person to summit for the latest reason, in corporate metaphors hailing the qualities required to overcome whatever obstacles stand in the way of "success" on the world's highest peak. 

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