Road Warrior - Elliptical Machine Workout.

This post is for the road warriors of our community who are racking up airline miles and keeping hotel chains in business. You know who you are! However, if you are waking up in your own bed listening to the birds singing and the coffee brewing and home - you too can do this workout too! 

Being on the road can play havoc with training. Executives, airline crews, military personnel all experience the jolt to the daily routine. Different time zones, early mornings and late nights can cause fatigue and lack of workout partners can be tough. I'm a big fan of outdoor workouts but I know that sometimes it's just not possible. Of all the machines in the gym, I think the elliptical machine offers the most benefit to runners, walkers and climbers. I've found that most hotels and corporate gyms have one. 

Here is the workout:

1. Warm up with the Daily Dozen, or ten minutes walking/running/stairs.

2. Jump on the elliptical machine and find the numbers that increase the steepness and resistance. Pick a number (5 through 20) and set the resistance and elevation at that same number.

3. Here is the challenge - you do the workout for the number of minutes you chose for the resistance. So if you are starting out, you might go levels 7 & 7 for 7 minutes. Feeling bolder go 15 & 15 for 15 minutes. The machine goes up to 20 so there upper limit is high. I've tried 20 & 20 for 20 and can't do it... yet. 

Yes it is a short workout. But that's the point, if you have a long day or meetings ahead or behind you, it doesn't always pay to go long, or you may just not have time. If you want to extend it, just rest a few minutes and do another set. If you want to round it out you can add a few sets of push ups and steam engines for a full body workout. 

What's great about this session is that the elliptical machines are largely the same ones (Precor) so no matter where you are, if you can find a machine, you have a benchmark to start from, a focus for your workout and a comparable challenge to motivate. 

I'd love to hear what numbers you come up with. I jumped on and did a 14 & 14 X 14 this morning. It wasn't easy and it did get my day off to an energetic start! 

Have a great day. 

john colverComment