Mental Resilance Training: Confidence

Being a fan of word history, I note that the word 'confidence' is derived from latin words representing 'with', 'faith' and 'action'.

It's an interesting concept. Many times people want to 'have confidence' whereas, we really need to 'take' confidence, because without the action part we can't have it.

A mentor of mine aways reminds me that there's two kinds of faith: The faith that we have when we believe something good will happen, and a faith born of experience, i.e. we know for sure because we've experienced results.

My model to develop confidence involves three steps.

  1. Action  
  2. Results
  3. Belief

Step 1: We know confidence won't come to us. We have to take action, and it can be a small action; walk a mile, sign up for a yoga class, do the daily dozen. These are all positive actions. 

Step 2: Whatever we do, we'll get results. If I walk a mile every day for a week and my usual habit is not walking... I'll feel something, probably something good like better posture, deeper breathing, noticing the flowers in the street - or my legs feeling toned.

Step 3. This is easy. If I've done steps 1 and 2, now I know that a specific action leads to a specific result. I know it - and this knowledge is confidence. 

What's brilliant is that these three steps represent a cycle, as we repeat the cycle, we get more confidence and we end up on that most beautiful thing... an UPWARD SPIRAL! 

That quote about 'dare to believe'... I really think it ought be "Dare to take action". 

Have a wonderful day. Do something good for yourself! 

Can you spot the spelling mistake? Progress not perfection, right :)

john colverComment