It will find you....

A motivation for training outdoors has always been to find out what the day will be like outside. So many times, I've pulled on my shoes, boots, crampons, skis etc and headed out to exercise.

Often , I find such a beautiful moment, that it warms the sleepiness from my eyes and the aches from my body in a way that no amount of rest or pampering will ever do. There is something generative about claiming the day as my own, taking myself to the places that fuel me and raise my level of consciousness. I don't always feel like going, but I'm always glad I did. 

Last week my friend, Brianna and I had planned to run at Discovery Park in Seattle. I woke up in the dark and it took some effort to get there. However, only five minutes after starting, both of our eyes were dazzled by the sunrise directly behind and the intense light through the trees - the result being this view. 

How many times do you find the unexpected during your outdoor workouts?