The 20X Factor

I was recently discussing the 20X factor and it brought up some very positive memories. In short, the 20X factor says that most of us are actually capable of about 20X what we think we are capable.

Some examples:

  • Geoffrey Mutai cruised to a win in the New York Half Marathon this past sunday in a time of one hour and fifty seconds. Many people can't do that on a bike! His pace was 4.38 minutes per mile. Or faster that a 70 second loop of a 400m track, but keep going that speed for 52 laps....
  • Killian Jornet climbed to the top of the Matterhorn last year in two hours and forty minutes! It takes most people three days. In fact most people don't ever dream about trying!
  • Hossein Rezazadeh has the world record for clean and jerk, lifting 589lbs from floor to over his head. Wow.

People have embraced 20X factor in many different ways and for thousands of years. Spartans practiced agogo, shaolin monks, apache scouts and modern day warriors have always looked for ways to test the limits of physical and mental endurance. 

What can you try that will provide an experience of blasting through your perceived limitations and going some way closer to your potential?  Everyday people are facing big fears; quitting cigarettes, jumping out of airplanes, going back to school, taking on new sports or hobbies. It doesn't need to be big, it could be the decision to do 30 yoga classes in 30 days, to learn a new language, going on a backpacking trip in a spectacular location, cutting out sugar or start riding a bike to work. 

For a short inspirational story, this video is hard to beat. 

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