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2017 Expedition and Book

In the Footsteps of a Saint

• 3,000 Miles • Mexico to Canada • Mount Whitney • Mount Ritter • Cathedral Peak • Mount Shasta • Mount Hood • Mount Adams • Mount Rainier • Pacific Crest Trail • John Muir Trail • Timberline Trail • Mountains to Sound Greenway • John Muir Way • Ending at birthplace of John Muir in Dunbar, Scotland

2017 Expedition: In the Footsteps of John Muir

Following in Muir’s footsteps, John Colver, Mountain Guide and author of Fit By Nature and Fit to Climb, set off in March 2017 on a six-month, 3000-mile expedition connecting the forests, wilderness and mountains of the western United States.

Since beginning the journey, John has now walked and climbed more than a thousand miles including summit climbs of Mt San Jacinto, Mount San Antonio, Mount Baden Powell, Mount Whitney, Mount Ritter, Cathedral Peak and Mount Shasta. On Mount Hood, he turned around 250 feet from the summit, due to deteriorating weather conditions. An intense electrical storm caused his Mount Rainier team to retreat and descend from Camp Shurman, on the August 13 John Muir Tribute Climb.  

As with all adventures, there have been challenges and surprises. Of over 3000 people attempting a 'Thru-hike' of the Pacific Crest Trail, less than a dozen PCT hikers have completed it this year, in conditions which include historic snow levels (207% of normal) in California. These conditions turned a normal ten-day trek through the Sierra Nevada into a month long mountaineering expedition complete with 10 major passes over 10,000 feet, countless frozen lakes and chest-deep water crossings. John completed the John Muir Trail on June 26.  

Historic high water levels are made for hazardous conditions and more delays. Progress was been painstaking and steady. Patience, caution and commitment have been the keys to moving ahead.  

Fires in Northern California, Oregon and Washington created a significant challenge. After reaching the Oregon state line and realizing that over 200 miles of trail were closed, John headed west to the Redwoods of Northern California and then hiked north on the Oregon Coast Trail for just over 250 miles, before heading back to the Pacific Crest Trail in northern Oregon. 

A lower-leg injury necessitated some treatment, rest and recovery for two weeks in October. John is now heading off into Washington at the beginning of winter. He made a decision to re-outfit with four season gear including a different tent, back pack, clothing, boots and snowshoes. He currently has 503 miles left to reach the Canada border. Some of the most rugged and remote terrain of the expedition. He intends to hike as far north as conditions allow, hoping to reach the border in November.         
The Expedition capstone event will be a coast-to-coast hike across Scotland on the John Muir Way trail and finishing at John Muir's birthplace in Dunbar.

In the Footsteps of a Saint
Book: Display the Iconic Beauty of Nature

Evoking the spirit of John Muir, this story explores the beauty of iconic peaks, deserts, forests, parks and trails through the lens of a modern day hiker. Drawing comparisons to the time when John Muir experienced, and secured protection for, these wild places - and to present day - this work aims to observe the timeless beauty of the magnificent lands.

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In the Footsteps of a Saint
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Mountains to Sound
Greenway Trust
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We are excited to support the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust to protect and preserve an iconic 1.5 million-acre landscape of pristine forest lands and wilderess, between Seattle and Central Washington, in a rapidly urbanizing area. 
Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust works to conserve and enhance the landscape, while ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature. To establish a landscape supported by a broad cross-section of society, working together as an effective coalition to preserve this heritage for all diverse generations. 

Learn more about their great work at Mountains To Sound Greenway 

The future assured: Youth Nature Programs in the Mountains to sound greenway

The future assured: Youth Nature Programs in the Mountains to sound greenway