I've been blessed with opportunities and resources to be able to pursue healthy outdoor adventures. During the past decade I've been able to lead and coach hundreds of people on their adventures and personal health and fitness. 

It's always struck me that sometimes the people who could benefit most from what we do, have the fewest options to partake in outdoor adventures, fitness coaching and exercise groups. 

For the past year I've been researching what it would take to provide fitness conditioning, outdoor adventures, and structured coaching to some of the most vulnerable people in our community; people experiencing extreme poverty, homelessness and in some cases addiction and mental illness. It's my belief that simple exercise, in a beautiful setting, with a supportive group can create joy, health and positive benefit for anyone. In order to be able to provide some opportunities, I've teamed up with people who want to try the class, some case managers of Seattle homeless shelters, medical professionals and a handful of volunteers to offer a weekly outing to Discovery Park to walk, run, train, do yoga and especially to create an environment for personal growth for anyone who wants. 

Our first class is scheduled for Wednesday April 16. We'll coordinate with case managers and social workers to pick from downtown locations, then head over to Discovery Park followed by a healthy lunch and some social time before dropping people off.

Different people I've spoken with have different goals, for some folks a respite from being on the street or in the homeless shelter is a motivation, some want to experience some nature and solitude but have no means to get there, a few have been partaking in a movement class offered by a staff member at DESC and want to try something else. One participant wants to run the Seattle Marathon. 

We are looking for some support to provide some basic necessities. These include:

  • Clothing: suitable for walking or exercising. Hats, gloves, shirts, bottoms, socks, underwear, rain gear.
  • Footwear: Athletic or hiking shoes. 
  • Money: We are volunteering time and need some money to provide food and refreshments as well as transport. (Initially we hope to benefit from a loan of a van provided by a local church.

If you are able to donate clothing there are three options: 

  • Deliver to me. 
  • Deliver to DESC attention of Laura. 
  • E-mail Laurie Cheeley and we'll arrange to collect. 
  • If you would like to start a collection at your business, school or work - please contact Laurie and we'll support you with container and pick up. 

If you can support with funding please click the button to donate. 

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