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Mountainproofing: Crevasse Rescue

Hands-on training class on how to recover climber(s) from a (simulated) crevasse fall. 

Cost $90 per person. Location: Alpental. 

Using curriculum based on Andy Selter's Book: 'Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue', (Mountaineers Books). This full day training covers the entire crevasse-rescue process including:

  • Selection of equipment
  • Actions on falling
  • Arresting the fall
  • Communications
  • Securing the team
  • Building snow anchors
  • Transferring weight from team to rope system
  • Decision making on appropriate next steps
  • Securing the area
  • Rappelling to victim
  • Raising the victim using mechanical advantage (Z & C pulley systems)
  • Trouble shooting

After review and preparation, we'll use a vertical snow covered cliff and slope to practice 3 person and 2 person crevasse rescue drills. With a group size of 12, each person will have time to lead a complete rescue scenario. 

Once registered a gear list will be sent. If you lack appropriate gear we have some loaner equipment for loan. To register please complete the following form. 

Skill level: Familiar with basic snow travel, ice-axe arrest, rope team travel and proper use of climbing harness. Familiar with following knots & hitches: Overhand, figure 8, prussik hitch, clove hitch, munter hitch. 

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