Second Ascent: Equipment Clinic and Private Sale
7:00 pm19:00

Second Ascent: Equipment Clinic and Private Sale

Join us for a fun clinic from our friends and experts at Second Ascent in Ballard. 

Topics covered are:

  • Gear selection for hiking & mountaineering. 
  • Gear selection for trail running. 

Second Ascent will offer some special discounts and exclusive offers on some great gear. There'll be wine, cheese and other refreshments. After the event we'll head over to The Noble Fir, just across the street, for some refreshments.  

Street parking in Ballard, or park for free at Balllard Blocks parking garage and walk ten minutes to the store. 

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro: A presentation and information session.
7:00 pm19:00

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro: A presentation and information session.

If you've ever thought about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or just interested to learn more, this 'documentary style' presentation will follow our 2009 expedition up the mountain and discuss what it's like to climb onto the roof of Africa

  • Route selection 
  • Fitness training 
  • Equipment
  • Permits
  • Considerations on selecting guides and/or services
  • Budgets
  • Medical considerations
  • Safari options 
  • Local customs
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6:30 pm18:30

How to Design a Training Program for 140.6/70.3 Triathlon

During this workshop, fitness trainer and coach John Colver will discuss how to design a training program for 140.6/70.3 triathlon. The goal of this workshop is to help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, disadvantages and opportunities, and then design a plan from the ground up based on work/life/job/family, etc. Learn about the steps required, including preconditioning, base conditioning, build and peak phases.  

John will have questionnaires, worksheets and sample plans for all aspects of training. This is a solid resource for athletes who are doing their first or second long-course race and want to design their own program or can't afford a coach.

Bruk Ballenger of Real PT will also discuss core strength, flexibility and injury prevention and be available for Q&A. 

A 1/2 hour core training workout will be offered from 7:30-8, so wear workout clothes if you'd like to participate.

To Register click here

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9:00 am09:00

Downtown Fitness & Movement Class

This is an activity & movement class for beginners or anyone looking to improve health and wellness. The class if offered on a first come first served basis to residents of DESC Downtown Emergency Services Center. 

DESC opened its doors in 1979 as an emergency shelter, a place for vulnerable adults living with behavioral health disorders and chronic homelessness to come in out of the cold for the night.

Today DESC's mission is not merely to offer shelter, but to end the homelessness of our community's most vulnerable people, through an integrated array of clinical services and supportive housing that allows men and women to reclaim their lives and reach their highest potential.

After a short ferry ride to West Seattle we'll use the trails, beach and parks in Alki for a challenge-by-choice activity session including yoga based movement drills, walking and for those who want a more challenging workout - running and circuit training. The workout is open to anyone. 

After the workout our team will share a healthy lunch and social time. 

This outdoor class will dovetail with weekly yoga class offered to residents of DESC. 

Instructors: Laura O' Neill & John Colver. 

We are thankful to supporters and sponsors who are helping this program come to life. Generally speaking, most of our team are in need of basic clothing and footwear for the activities.

Three ways to donate clothing and athletic shoes

  1. Deliver to DESC attention of Laura O' Neill
  2. Deliver to John Colver
  3. Contact Laurie Cheeley via to arrange a pick up or to start a collection bin at your office or church. 

If you would like to sponsor the program there are two main expenses we are looking to cover. 

  1. Transportation
  2. Food and refreshments

Volunteers: We are recruiting volunteers to assist with several areas. We look forward to learning about your skills and interest.  

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9:00 am09:00

Mountainproofing: Crevasse Rescue

Hands-on training class on how to recover climber(s) from a (simulated) crevasse fall. 

Cost $90 per person. Location: Alpental. 

Using curriculum based on Andy Selter's Book: 'Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue', (Mountaineers Books). This full day training covers the entire crevasse-rescue process including:

  • Selection of equipment
  • Actions on falling
  • Arresting the fall
  • Communications
  • Securing the team
  • Building snow anchors
  • Transferring weight from team to rope system
  • Decision making on appropriate next steps
  • Securing the area
  • Rappelling to victim
  • Raising the victim using mechanical advantage (Z & C pulley systems)
  • Trouble shooting

After review and preparation, we'll use a vertical snow covered cliff and slope to practice 3 person and 2 person crevasse rescue drills. With a group size of 12, each person will have time to lead a complete rescue scenario. 

Once registered a gear list will be sent. If you lack appropriate gear we have some loaner equipment for loan. To register please complete the following form. 

Skill level: Familiar with basic snow travel, ice-axe arrest, rope team travel and proper use of climbing harness. Familiar with following knots & hitches: Overhand, figure 8, prussik hitch, clove hitch, munter hitch. 

Name *

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