My top ten trail running equipment recommendations. Pictures below 

Salomon S-Lab XT6 shoes. 

Salomon shoes are extremely durable, but light and comfortable too. I like the support and the way they 'grip' my foot, it helps with stability on rough terrain. The soles are good on mixed terrain - gravel, snow, rocks (for specific snow/mud terrain they have another shoe 'S-Lab 6-softground' with a special sole). I've worn Salomon shoes to the top of Kilimanjaro in 2013 and on a quick ascent of Aconcagua in 2003. These terrains are outside the specifications but the shoes hold up. A nice feature of the S - Lab 6 is that it has a heel lift of 11 mm. I've experienced achilies tendonitis and I find the raised heel helps me to prevent this.

Petzl Tikka RXP headlamp.

There are many lights to choose from. What I like about the Tikka RXP is it's reliability - Petzl products are super-high quality and I don't want to risk failure of a light in tough terrain. A unique feature of the RXP is that it adjusts output based on ambient light levels - it gets brighter as the night gets darker and this provides maximum light when needed while saving battery life. I tested the battery life on mine by leaving it on - it was still going after 170 hours - more than advertised. The strap is comfortable against my head and snug enough that the light doesn't bounce around or fall off while running. 

Black Diamond Collapsible poles.

Why...? For trail running, they are super-light, easy to open and break down while on-the-go. They are also light enough that they don't weight down my running pack when stowed. While a wee-bit fragile, they are sturdy enough for the job.